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Assignment 2 measures of central tendency

Activity 2




Fill throughout the blanks:

4.1.      The score that repeats basically probably the most usually in a distribution is called the ______.

4.2.      The descriptive statistic used basically probably the most in inferential statistics as a measure of central tendency is the _________.

4.three.      The measure of central tendency used with nominal scale information is the _______.

4.4.      To hunt out the suggest of a sample, thethe sum of the scoresas is cut up by ______.


Circle the correct reply:

4.5.In a positively skewed distribution, almost all the scores cluster above/beneath the ________.

4.6.The mode and the suggest have the similar values in distributions that are common/negatively skewed.

4.7.Distributions with few scores are additional/a lot much less liable to have a mode than distributions with many scores.

Reply the subsequent questions:

4.eight.Which measure of central tendency could be basically probably the most relevant for summarizing the subsequent examine scores? Make clear your different.


13, 14, 10, 38, 11, 12, 16, 15


4.9.What is the distinction between and m? How are they related to 1 one other?


4.10.    A distribution of 10 scores has a suggest of 6.  Following are 9 scores of this distribution.  Which score is missing (don’t forget that the suggest must be 6)?


4, eight, 10, 5, 9, three, 6, 7, three


4.11.      When the sum of a bunch of scores is 280 and the suggest of the scores is 7, what variety of scores are throughout the distribution?


4.12.    Uncover the mode, median, and suggest of the distribution depicted throughout the following histogram:















Circle the proper reply:


5.1.      The area between the easiest and the underside scores is called the range/variance.


5.2.      The SD is similar because the sq. root of the suggest/variance.


5.three.A examine with 30 objects is liable to have a bigger/lower regular deviation examine with 80 objects.


5.4.The suggest of the squared deviation scores is called the variance/regular deviation.


5.5.The SD of the number of errors found by an auditor in a sample of accounts of 1 agency is liable to be bigger/lower than the SD of the number of errors current in samples taken from fairly a couple of fully completely different corporations.


5.6.      The SD is/should not be delicate to extreme scores.


5.7.      The variance of the inhabitants is represented by S2/s2.


5.eight. Sometimes, the variance is larger/smaller than the SD.


5.9.The measure of variability that takes into consideration every score throughout the distribution is the range/regular deviation.



Reply/compute the subsequent questions:

5.10.    Analysis the subsequent three distributions. What are the similarities and variations between the three distributions by means of their means, ranges, and regular deviations? (Observe: Assume the three distributions to be samples in case you resolve to compute their regular deviations.)


Distribution A:  eight, 9, 6, 12, 5

Distribution B:  7, 10, 11, eight, 4

Distribution C:  7, 9, eight, 9, 7


5.11.    Three statistics classes (Sections A, B and C), each with 26 faculty college students, took the similar examine. The SD of Half A was 7; the SD of Half B was 16; and the SD of Half C was 10. Which class was additional homogeneous in regard to the scores on the examine?


5.12.    Means and regular deviations had been calculated for an Complete Prime quality Assurance Verify with 45 objects. This examine consists of 20 Enter Parts and 25 Output Parts.  Estimate which of the subsequent regular deviations was obtained for the total Prime quality Assurance Verify and which regular deviation was obtained for the Enter elements.


a. SD = 5.7                                          b. SD = eight.three









5.13.    Shortly after being employed, eight product sales trainees participated in a job having fun with practice the place they’d been rated on a scale of 1-10 on their capability to close a sale. After one week of teaching, the similar eight product sales trainees participated within the similar place having fun with practice and their closing experience had been evaluated using the similar scale of 1-10.


Overview the subsequent scores. Is there a distinction between the pre-training and post-training rating scores? What influence, if any, did the teaching have on the trainees? Make clear.













































5.14.    Following is a graph exhibiting two distributions weekly incomes of employees working within the similar enterprise. The means and regular deviations of the two groups are moreover given. Estimate which of the two means and which of the two SDs belong to each group of students.


            Suggest = $530              SD = $70

            Suggest = $690              SD = $150




                                                A                     B


Group A: The suggest is ______ and the SD is _______


Group B: The suggest is ______ and the SD is _______

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