Posted: October 30th, 2018

HSBC Strategic Analysis – Market Position and Future Recommendations

The goal of this essay is to find out and analyse the strategic capabilities and by extension strategic selections accessible to a multinational firm. The multinational firm being analysed is The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Firm (HSBC), which is probably going one of many worlds principal financial organizations. For the goal of this essay, the house nation the group operates from is taken under consideration as Sri Lanka and the first a part of the essay is devoted to analysing the commerce and the working setting every relating to house and worldwide. The essay moreover discusses the Banks strategic capabilities by the use of analysis of its core competencies as a prelude to the apex of the essay, which is the dialogue of attainable strategies the monetary establishment may pursue.

Background of the chosen group

HSBC commenced operations in March 1865 from Hong Kong to finance the rising commerce between Europe, China, and India. To day, it is considered as a result of the world’s largest financial group and operates in 88 worldwide places and territories with spherical 8000 workplaces. HSBC is listed in London, New York, Hong Kong, Paris, and Bermuda stock exchanges and has over 220,000 shareholders with a market capitalization of USD 161 Billion as at 30 June 2010 (HSBC, 2010). Appendix 1 carries detailed particulars in regards to the HSBC Monetary establishment.

HSBC commenced operations in Sri Lanka in July 1892 and as at date operates inside the nation by the use of 16 Branches and 17 particular banking centres. Initially focusing solely on firm banking corporations, the Monetary establishment has now expanded its operations to produce a whole fluctuate of enterprise banking providers and merchandise and is taken under consideration the primary worldwide Monetary establishment in Sri Lanka and is the market chief in Financial institution playing cards and firm finance. Particulars about HSBC Sri Lanka is enclosed in appendix 2. Clear agency background. Appendix acknowledged.

Analysis of the outside setting

The beneath analysis incorporates of every the house setting along with the worldwide setting. The analysis is structured throughout the layers of enterprise setting model (Johnson et, al, 2008, p.54), and discusses rivals, commerce and the macro setting. Refer appendix three for an in depth overview.

On the subject of the house rivals, HSBC Sri Lanka competes with a plethora of banking and totally different financial organizations working inside the nation which consists of licensed industrial banks, licensed specialised banks, registered finance companies, specialised leasing companies, main sellers, pension and provident funds, insurance coverage protection companies, rural banks, service supplier banks, unit trusts and thrift and credit score rating co-operative societies (Central Monetary establishment of Sri Lanka, 2010). Particulars of HSBC’s most necessary rivals are included in appendix 4. HSBC’s most necessary rivals are the economic banks, nevertheless specific providers or merchandise may face rivals by totally different financial institutions as properly.

On the subject of the worldwide setting, HSBC competes with every principal worldwide banks along with house banks working inside the worldwide places it operates in. Given the vary of its operation, analysis of each regional setting should not be lined on this essay. Particulars of HSBC’s most necessary rivals on a worldwide scale are listed in appendix 5. With deregulation and advances in know-how, the rivals inside the banking commerce has intensified. In the intervening time’s banking commerce is characterised by intensifying worldwide rivals and speedy developments inside the liberalization of the banking market. (Chen, 1999). Appendix 6 analyses HSBC’s house and worldwide rivals using the strategic groups framework ((Johnson et, al, 2008, pp.73). This framework has been employed as a result of it provides a whole overview of the rivals relating to similarity in strategic performance, competing within the an identical markets and the depth of rivals.

Banking is a fragmented commerce (Smith, 2009). A fragmented commerce is printed as a enterprise setting with a majority of small geographically dispersed corporations. There aren’t any market leaders, neither is there a company that has the power to kind commerce events (Porter, 1980). The financial corporations commerce in Sri Lanka is regulated by the Central Monetary establishment of Sri Lanka and statistics pertaining to the Sri Lankan Banking commerce is analyzed in appendix 7. Although fragmented in nature, the primary asset share is managed by six house banks, thereby creating an oligopolistic market development. The worldwide banking commerce operates in the identical market development with worldwide banking giants holding the overwhelming majority of the market share relating to financial property. Data on the worldwide banking commerce is launched and analyzed in appendix eight. Appendix 9 analyses the banking commerce using the porter’s 5 forces model. This model is used as a result of the 5 forces determine commerce profitability because of they have an effect on the prices, worth, funding of corporations in an commerce, return on funding, and the attractiveness of the chosen commerce. (Porter 1998).

The macro setting has a direct have an effect on on the financial corporations commerce as a result of it provides the organizations their strategy of survival (Johnson, et al, 2008 p.54). The macro setting is analyzed in appendix 10 using the PESTEL framework as a result of it provides a whole analysis of the setting influences (Johnson, et al, 2008 p.55).

Key drivers of the Banking commerce

The necessary factor drivers of an commerce are setting parts which are susceptible to have a extreme have an effect on on the success of an organizations approach (Johnson, et al, 2008 p.56). As acknowledged by the use of the PSTEL analysis, the necessary factor drivers of the commerce are acknowledged as monetary financial savings and funding habits and preferences of customers, the rising demand for additional useful and personalised banking choices, and the perceived power and security the institution, and the commerce as a complete can present the consumers. The identification of the three key drivers of change was an effective way to conclude this half.

Core sources and competencies of HSBC

Sources and competencies

Sources and competencies of a company current it with the strategic performance it should survive inside the commerce (Johnson, et al, 2008 p.95). An right definition. Sources are property owned or managed by a company whereas competencies are experience and expertise the group possesses to deploy these sources efficiently by the use of organizations processes. Core sources are individuals who critically underpin the aggressive profit and that others cannot imitate or purchase, whereas core competencies are experience and expertise the group has to deploy sources to achieve aggressive profit that may not be imitated or obtained (Johnson, et al, 2008 p.97). Certainly one of many clearest definitions however seen.

HSBC’s sources can broadly be categorized in to four most necessary courses; these are bodily sources, financial sources, Human sources and psychological sources. These are further talked about in Appendix 11.

Regardless of the sources the group possesses, if the group would not have the required competencies, such sources won’t be used efficiently to operate at an optimum diploma. HSBC’s key competencies are elaborated of their working values and key enterprise guidelines (refer appendix 1). These are categorized beneath three sections for ease of analysis. These sections are purchaser relationship administration, interior course of administration and human helpful useful resource administration. These are further talked about in appendix 12.

Distinctive sources and Core competencies

Having analyzed HSBC’s sources and competencies, they may further be segregated as core sources and competencies, which as outlined above are previous competitor’s potential to imitate and thus current HSBC with a aggressive profit. These may very well be divided further as intangible and tangible.

“the liberalization of product and labor markets in plenty of parts of the world, and the deregulation of worldwide financial flows is stripping away many typical sources of aggressive differentiation and exposing a model new primary core as the thought for wealth creation. That primary core is the occasion and astute deployment and utilization of intangible property, of which data, competence, and psychological property are basically probably the most very important. Moreover included are totally different intangibles equal to producers, reputations, and purchaser relationships (Vargas-Hernandez & Noruzi, 2010). HSBC’s expertise which spans over and psychological properties equal to its enormous purchaser database permits the monetary establishment to optimize its provide neighborhood by providing the suitable product to the shopper using basically probably the most worth environment friendly course of. For a competitor to imitate this is ready to require entry to sources equal to diversified purchaser databases and superior expertise. Whereas one can argue that every may very well be obtained, the worth of such acquisition would require very important funding in an organizations division neighborhood and enterprise processes. This diploma of funding is previous many rivals.

HSBC’s mannequin title is one different one in every of its core sources. For lots of corporations, the mannequin title and what it represents are it’s most significant asset-the basis of aggressive profit and of future incomes streams (Aaker, 1991). Having the world’s no 1 banking mannequin permits HSBC to clearly differentiate from its rivals not solely relating to it’s current markets, however moreover for rising markets which is talked about afterward this essay as a strategic various for the Monetary establishment. It is estimated that establishing a mannequin costs on the very least US$100Mn (Doyle, 2000). To take care of and develop the mannequin title to a level which could drawback HSBC may very well be previous most rivals.

Whereas HSBC’s most significant core competencies and sources lie inside the kind of intangible property, one in every of its key tangible core sources is its division neighborhood. As outlined above it spans over 88 worldwide places worldwide and covers every mature and rising financial markets, which places HSBC in a singular place, significantly in opposition to house banks to produce worldwide banking choices to its shoppers. Creation of such a division neighborhood not solely requires a giant capital funding and expertise nevertheless would moreover suggest a paradigm shift inside the organizations current enterprise course of to go nicely with completely totally different working environments. With the developments inside the know-how paving one of the simplest ways within the route of full on-line banking, the price of sustaining a retail division neighborhood is subject to some criticism, significantly considering the costs involved in sustaining and upgrading an identical. If the elemental monetary establishment merchandise, significantly these associated to encashment and money transmission, are increasingly more supplied by numerous know-how distribution channels, full division networks on a scale comparable with the present will nearly positively cease to exist (Howcroft & Beckett, 1996). Nonetheless, given that the majority banking merchandise are generic and should merely be imitated by the consumers, the banks aggressive profit would rely upon its service, perception, and friendliness as perceived by the consumers. Branches play a key operate in portraying this image. Financial service merchandise are comparatively intangible, and innovatory ideas are copied swiftly and just by rivals. The effectivity and movie portrayed by the high-street networks are, attributable to this truth, necessary core parts of differentiation strategies on the lookout for aggressive profit (Greenland, 1994).

HSBC sturdy capital base is one different one in every of its core sources. On the subject of market capitalization, it is the fifth best Monetary establishment on this planet. Moreover it’s one among many few worldwide banks, who did not require any funding by the authorities in the midst of the financial turmoil. HSBC effectively achieved a rights problem in 2009 together with US$17.8Bn to shareholder equity. This was crucial worthwhile rights problem carried out by a financial group in UK and 96.6% of the banks shareholders participated in it demonstrating HSBC’s perceived value amongst its shareholders (The Guardian, 2009). The sturdy capital base and the facility to spice up further capital permit HSBC with options for progress.

Appendix 13 summarizes the above dialogue and categorises the acknowledged sources and competencies. One different excessive mark for this in-depth response.

Strategic selections accessible to HSBC

Strategic selections

Primarily based totally on HSBC’s core sources and competencies as outlined above, quite a lot of strategic selections will be discovered to HSBC. These selections are talked about in appendix 14 using the TOWS matrix. TOWS matrix is used as a result of it helps decide the relationships between strengths, weaknesses, options, and threats and assists formulating strategies on these relationships (Ruocco & Proctor, 1994).

Strategic selections

Strategic selections are the options which may be pertinent to a company’s future positioning accessible out there in relation to the market dynamics. Ansoff matrix permits to find out the strategic directions accessible to the company based mostly totally on its current place (Johnson et, al, 2008, p 257). It is used to find out the optimum course for HSBC in appendix 15. Associated concept enter was well-known.

Primarily based totally on the accessible strategic selections talked about above and the optimum course as acknowledged by the use of the Ansoff Matrix the following are deemed to be basically probably the most applicable strategic selections for HSBC. They’re summarized in appendix 16.

Moving into in to rising markets with a full fluctuate of providers and merchandise is a various accessible to HSBC. As talked about above, rising markets are anticipated to develop faster than the additional mature markets and in consequence the financial centre of the world is shifting within the route of those markets. This presents a superb various to HSBC to maneuver in and arrange first mover profit and develop a big market share, whereas most banks are nonetheless consolidating their positions after losses expert in the midst of the financial recession. Having a full array of providers and merchandise would permit HSBC to service all purchaser segments in these markets. HSBC may check out a premium pricing approach for its up market merchandise, whereas establishing lower margins for the generic banking merchandise meant for mass shoppers to ensure optimum outcomes.

One different various accessible to HSBC may very well be to consolidate its already sturdy place inside the current markets. With recession coming to an end, the demand for financial corporations might be going to boost and supplied that HSBC is already properly established, the monetary establishment may use a pricing primarily based aggressive approach to realize market share by decreasing the margins. With most banks attempting to recuperate from their losses inside the last couple of years, it is unlikely that they are able to match lower margins inside the on the spot future.

HSBC may moreover focus additional on chosen space of curiosity markets in every rising and current markets. Offered that the banks flagship merchandise are additional directed on the affluent and rising affluent segments, the monetary establishment can place itself away from rivals via using differentiation. There is a extreme demand for personalised banking corporations in these segments and a premium pricing approach can assure extreme returns compared with servicing totally different purchaser segments.

Rising choices like Islamic Banking and Insurance coverage protection commerce are moreover viable selections for HSBC. As talked about inside the earlier half every has prospects of progress and supplied that HSBC has expertise in these areas, would present the monetary establishment with options to grab market share and purchase earnings.

Appendix 17 analyses the options talked about above using the approach clock. The approach clock assists the understanding of fixing requirements accessible out there, attributable to this truth enabling organizations to optimize its place to realize aggressive profit. (Johnson, et, al, 2008, p. 224)

Implications for selections acknowledged above are summarised in appendix 18. The constructive implications are already talked about in earlier sections and attributable to this truth the necessary factor focus of this half may very well be on the adversarial implications. On the subject of shifting in to rising markets, the necessary factor negatives may very well be the distinction to the working setting, native guidelines geared towards defending house commerce, the extent of technological improvement, and the hazard of uncertainty. Adaptation to the native market may require modifications to the banks custom, enterprise processes, and insurance coverage insurance policies and procedures. This could be a drawback with HSBC planning to standardize its operations beneath One HSBC framework. Regulators normally undertake insurance coverage insurance policies which protect native service suppliers from being outplayed by the multinational companies. These insurance coverage insurance policies adversely affect the authorized tips of rivals tipping the size in favor of the native commerce (Borch & Brastad, 2003). The extent of technical improvement in rising markets may pose one different menace to HSBC, whose operations are carefully supplemented by superior know-how. The extent of IT infrastructure progress and the tempo and dependability of neighborhood connections would have a big have an effect on on working HSBC’s worldwide neighborhood efficiently and help corporations equal to net and cellphone banking. The digital divide is the outlet between consciousness and unawareness of the utilization of recent varieties of information strategies, which can be very very important inside the underdeveloped and the rising worldwide places (Balaban et, al, 2009). This may occasionally pose a problem to HSBC in every recruitment and providing on-line purchaser choices. The possibility of uncertainty is the hazard the monetary establishment ought to face when investing in a model new market. Considering that the funding is a big one, and the hazard is necessary, the stakeholders of the monetary establishment would anticipate a extreme return on funding.

On the subject of making an attempt to develop inside the current markets, crucial implication may very well be sustainability. Most of HSBC’s key rivals are moreover dominant inside the current market and could be succesful to match HSBC’s providers and merchandise. Although HSBC can leverage carefully on it’s current core sources equal to their retail neighborhood and enterprise processes to produce additional setting pleasant corporations at low margins, the scope for future progress is proscribed compared with totally different selections equal to shifting in to rising markets.

On the subject of specializing in chosen purchaser segments with HSBC’s flagship merchandise equal to Premier and Advance, crucial problem would as soon as extra be sustainability. Whereas this various would permit the monetary establishment to focus solely on servicing worthwhile purchaser segments, and to deploy its sources only for this aim, factors equal to the prospect worth of not servicing the alternative purchaser segments and imitation of providers and merchandise by the rivals should be considered. The Monetary establishment may additionally be perceived by the consumers as a monetary establishment for the select few, which may have a adversarial have an effect on on the monetary establishment’s last need of being the primary financial service provider on this planet. The Monetary establishment couldn’t be succesful to utterly discover the options which may very well be achieved by its core sources, significantly relating to its division neighborhood and purchaser databases. Most rivals are moreover concentrating on these particular purchaser segments; attributable to this truth sustainability of market share will be on problem.

Insurance coverage protection and Islamic banking, aren’t HSBC’s typical areas of power regardless that the monetary establishment has had success in its restricted Islamic banking operation. Over the past 20 years, the insurance coverage protection market has develop to be extraordinarily aggressive attributable to deregulation, globalization of insurance coverage protection institutions and advances of IT know-how (Cummins & Venard, 2008). To amass a big market share in such an commerce would require a protracted time-frame, delaying the pay once more on funding. Nonetheless, worldwide institutions have made in roads to areas like life insurance coverage protection, nevertheless native corporations proceed to dominate in areas equal to motor insurance coverage protection and plenty of insurance coverage protection markets have native specificities (Cummings & Venard, 2008), which may presumably be an issue to HSBC with it’s standardized choices in penetrating the market. Islamic banking nevertheless is proscribed to specific markets and solely to Muslim shoppers, attributable to this truth progress is proscribed. Islamic Banking at core adopts a income sharing system moderately than the standard curiosity paying system. This notion may additionally end in adversarial perceptions of HSBC as a result of the monetary establishment moreover affords with typical banking merchandise the place curiosity income is the necessary factor provide of income, significantly if deposits accepted by the use of the Islamic banking is mobilsed on curiosity bearing gadgets. An particularly top of the range analysis.

A way applicable for HSBC to pursue

In analyzing the approach which is best suited for HSBC to pursue, it is rather necessary contemplate each of the options outlined above based mostly totally on suitability, acceptability, and feasibility.

Suitability refers again to the conformity of the approach in relation to the organizations strategic place derived by the use of its core competencies and sources. Acceptability evaluates whether or not or not the approach is ready to delivering the anticipated finish end result and the extent to which it satisfies stakeholder expectations. Feasibility is anxious with whether or not or not the approach is nearly attainable to implement (Johnson et, al, 2008, pp 385-6).

Appendix 19 ranks each approach based mostly totally on above requirements and appendix 20 provides the justification for the ranking. Primarily based totally on this ranking, the optimum strategic various for HSBC is taken under consideration as coming into in to rising markets with a full array of providers and merchandise.

Given HSBC’s current place of being extraordinarily capitalised, worthwhile and the monetary establishment’s potential to spice up funds even in basically probably the most attempting situations, locations HSBC in a strategically sturdy place at a time when most of its rivals attempt to consolidate their operations after sustaining heavy losses in the midst of the recession. The growth in rising markets, coupled with deregulation and globalization presents the proper various to the monetary establishment to capitalise on its place of power. By shifting in on the rising markets, HSBC would moreover be succesful to capitalise on first mover profit. Shifting into with a full fluctuate of merchandise would be sure that the monetary establishment can cater to quite a lot of customers. By doing this, HSBC would not solely buy affluent shoppers for it’s up market merchandise, nevertheless would moreover seize the market share in generic banking merchandise by adopting a worth primarily based differentiation approach. The biggest advantage of this various is that it affords the monetary establishment the prospect to diversify its sources efficiently, moderately than concentrating all sources on only a few merchandise or segments or on selections with restricted progress potential. Growing its operations in rising markets would even be probably the most appropriate selection considering HSBC’s mission to be basically probably the most preferred financial service choices provider. Embarking on this various would not by any means stipulate inserting a stop to HSBC’s current enterprise. Primarily based on HSBC 2010 interim report, the whole current areas have declared earnings inside the first half of 2010 (HSBC, 2010), which permits the monetary establishment to retain part of earnings made by the respective areas to check out options of their very personal areas. This various moreover permits HSBC to embark on totally different selections talked about in future, equal to rising in to insurance coverage protection and Islamic banking, which could positively be considered as a result of the second part of enlargement.


This essay has explored HSBC’s working setting and its core sources and competencies with a view to find out and speak about viable strategic selections for the banks future. The worldwide financial panorama is altering after the 2008 financial recession and excessive worldwide avid gamers equal to HSBC uncover themselves in a singular place to reap the options which comes along with this altering panorama. HSBC with a conservative operation shaped by its key enterprise guidelines has weathered the financial storm greater than most banks and are one among many just a few principal banks to refuse any authorities help. The monetary establishment has sufficient sources to develop its enterprise to rising markets, which is acknowledged as basically probably the most applicable strategic various for HSBC. The rising markets have confirmed to be additional resilient to the financial catastrophe as compared with the developed markets and are moreover anticipated to develop faster then the developed markets inside the coming years. The rising markets would search to dominate world economics inside the coming years and this creates good options for a Monetary establishment equal to HSBC with a big division neighborhood and intensive expertise in worldwide and industrial banking to produce its corporations to these rising economies. It moreover paves one of the simplest ways for implementation of various viable strategic selections equal to rising HSBC insurance coverage protection and Islamic Banking enterprise. Growing in to rising markets would moreover strengthen HSBC’s aggressive profit and would further strengthen the Banks already sturdy place as one among many dominant Multinational companies on this planet.

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